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What is needed to obtain a license to perform work in the nuclear industry?

First of all, understanding is needed: what kind of work will it be? Do you have experience in carrying out such work? At what facility will they be executed? How urgently do you need to get a license? Send an email with answers to our general mailbox info@ncte.ru and our experts will be happy to help you!

How much does an examination cost?

The cost of the service is calculated by the experts of the center upon request, the cost of the service is flexible and depends on the volume of issues specified in the technical task.

How long does it take to conduct a safety assessment in the field of atomic energy use?

On average, from 20 to 90 working days, depending on the volume of the task for the examination.

What is the guarantee of the result?

You get a guarantee of the result in the contract. Compliance of the result with current norms and rules is our responsibility.

We are in another region, will Rostekhnadzor accept your opinion?

It will certainly accept it. The main requirement for an expert organization is a license to conduct a safety review in the field of atomic energy use. Scope of the license is the territory of the Russian Federation.